DATE Gourmet Course~Seafood of Sanriku & Japanese Sake Tour~

Delicious Seafood & Tohoku Limited Sake & Luxury Hotel
(Two days one night)

You will get the opportunity to appreciate the Gourmet Culture in Tohoku by communicating with fishermen from Sanriku Fishing Ground, which is one of the world's largest three fishing grounds, and have some fishing experience. Also by enjoying Miyagi sake which represents the best quality of Japanese sake.

  • Communicating with brewers You will have the chance to appreciate more about Japanese sake while tasting it by actually visting the brewery and see how the sake are produced.
  • Appreciate Omotenashi(Japanese hospitality) Stay in one of the best hotels in Tohoku.
    Enjoy every luxury moment in the silent and beautiful forest.
  • Combination of Tohoku gourmet and wine We provide the best selection of Tohoku gourmetand Japanese Sake which we highly recommend, please enjoy the wonderful combination.


Date Time Plan Description Breakfast Lunch Dinner
DAY1 8:30 Gather at Sendai Station        
  9:30 Arrive at Matsushima Street walking tour      
  11:30 Depart from Matsushima        
  12:00 Arrive at Oyster Hut Oyster buffet    
  13:00 Depart from Oyster Hut        
  13:30 Arrive at Mutoya Taste and compare between different types of Japanese sake      
  15:00 Depart from Mutoya        
  15:30 Arrive at Matsushima Sakan      
DAY2 Early morning Boating at Konpiramaru (Minami Sanriku-machi) Fishermen experience    
  8:00 Arrive at Matsushima Sakan        
  10:00 Depart from Matsushima Sakan        
  10:30 Arrive at Shiogama seafood market Seafood bowl    
  11:30 Depart from Shiogama seafood market        
  12:00 Arrive at Shiogama Shrine        
  13:00 Depart from Shiogama Shrine Visit the shrine      
  14:00 End the tour near Sendai Station Street walking tour      
  17:30 Ending of the tour        
*Please feel free to contact us for further information
What's included in the price
Meals include lunch for the first day until lunch for the second day, transportation from the gathering until the end of the tour, accommodation(room for 2 people), experiences, insurance during the tour, tour guide and translation, mineral water
*The price of the room depends on the number of people
Tour period schedule
<Tokyo In & Out>
・Nov. 5 - Nov.6, Nov.19 - Nov.20
・Dec. 10 - Dec.11, Dec. 17 -18
・Jan.7 - Jan.8, Jan.21-Jan.22
・Feb.4-Feb.5, Feb.11 - Feb.12
<Sendai Airport In & Out> *You will have to arrive in Sendai before or on Wednesday as the tour would start from Thursday.
・Nov. 8 - Nov.9, Nov.20 - Nov.23
・Dec.13 - Dec.14, Dec.20 - Dec.21
・Jan.10 - Jan.11, Jan.24-Jan.25
・Feb.7-Feb.8, Feb.14 - Feb.15
5 people(at least 2 people)

*There is a possiblity that the hotel might be changed to a similar one.
*The activities or scheduel in the tour might be changed.

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