What is the "DATE" Aristocratic Tour?

This is the perfect tour that you can fully enjoy "DATE Culture", you also get the chance to see the historical and tourism sites which are registered as Japan Heritage.
The word "DATE" is originated from the name of a very famous busho(Japanese military commander), it's now used as a special adjective as he left people the impression of being gorgeous, charming and elegant.
DATE Culture is saturated in Miyagi Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture, you will have the opportunity to communite with the local people and see tradional craftworks.

What is Japan Heritage?

Japan's cultures and traditions are passed on through stories linked to unique regional histories and traditions. The Agency for Cultural Affairs recognizes these stories as Japan Heritage.
The Agency aims to revitalize local communities through comprehensive maintenance and utilization of these attractive tangible and intangible cultural properties and their strategic promotion in Japan and overseas.